KCPAAA Welcomes you

What is the KCPAAA

The Keller Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (KCPAAA) was established on June 1, 2005 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization which supports the officers and mission of the Keller Police Department by raising funds to purchase non-budgetary items that are needed by Keller's dedicated officers. Service to our community and the police department is our primary objective.

How does the KCPAAA Serve our community

The purpose of the Keller Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association is to bring together graduates of the Keller Citizens Police Academy, to improve relations between the police department and the civilian community in all phases of law enforcement activities and to further the aims and objectives of the Keller Police Department.

Throughout the year the members of the KCPAAA provide snacks and treats to our Keller Police staff and administration, additionally we make sure that those who serve us on the major holidays get to at least have a holiday meal available at the station. This includes all of the officers on duty, the jail staff and our dispatchers. It takes a good number of folks to keep our city safe, even on these holidays.


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